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Device going on bike

2021 Roadmap

Below is our current estimated timeline of bringing SHIFT to market. 


Complete R&D

  • Finalise SHIFT design

  • Finalise Battery certification

  • Finalise manufacturing and distribution partners

  • Adjust timelines due to worldwide micro-processor shortages


Peloton Bike launch

  • BETA testing cost price confirmation

  • Launch manufacture ready devices to the SHIFT BETA community to receive feedback and input

  • Further enhancements and functionality


Launch NEW SHIFT device

  • Pricing confirmation

  • Launch Peloton Bike device to market

  • Confirm which spinning bike SHIFT comes to you next - make sure you tell us your preference

  • Build new SHIFT prototype & complete R&D

  • Launch to market


Leverage & growth

  • Bring SHIFT devices to all major spinning bikes

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