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Bringing SHIFT to Peloton

Our first SHIFT device has been built specifically for the Peloton Bike - the anticipated launch date is Q2 2022. Register your interest to be kept up to date on our progress.

NOTE - this is for the Peloton Bike only, the timeline for the Peloton Bike + is still to be confirmed. See 'What bike next?' for more details.

SHIFT Smart Device features overview
SHIFT Smart Device features overview

SHIFT Smart Trainer Limited is in no way affiliated with Peloton Cycle or Peloton Interactive.

SHIFT Smart Trainer Limited is in no way affiliated with ZWIFT.

Unlock endless training possibilities

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What is Zwift?

Taking the words directly from the 'horses mouth' -

'Zwift blends the fun of video games with the intensity of serious training, helping you get faster. Level up in the virtual worlds of Zwift with a community that motivates you every minute. Choose from training plans, group rides, races, and more. You’ll get fitter and stronger.'


For a full overview of Zwift, see full details directly on Zwift's website.

Zwift is an incredible interactive cycling game, allowing you to train and race against other cyclists from all around the world from the comfort of your own home. Giving you that ‘real-ride feel’ from the comforts of your indoor bike.

How does SHIFT change my PowerZone training?

SHIFT not only brings the worlds of Zwift to your Peloton but also the benefit of ERG mode training for your Peloton PowerZone classes. ERG mode is a smart training setting that maintains your power output by automatically adjusting your resistance to match your cadence. Peloton PowerZone classes (although manual) are a similar training method, as you constantly vary either your cadence or resistance to ‘hold’ each of the desired PowerZone's as you follow along with your preferred instructor.

What SHIFT now brings to these classes is automatic resistance. All you need to do is select which zone you’d like to hold (using the SHIFT touch screen) and your resistance will automatically & constantly be adjusted to keep you in your desired Zone. You will have the ability to move between all 7 zone's by merely selecting your desired zone as you cycle along with your instructor.

Technical FAQs

How is output calculated?

We have created two options; (1) Accessing the data directly from the data cable, and (2)Utilising the digital power curve (see below), SHIFT takes cadence (from the cadence sensor) and the resistance setting (taken from the position of the resistance knob) and calculates instantaneous output. This, in short, is how power curves work and ensures accurate output/power calculations.

Why use a digital power curve?

By programming a digital power curve specifically for SHIFT, we have eliminated the need to use ‘power meter pedals’. This keeps in line with our design principle to respect the structural integrity of your Peloton and ensure that no modifications were required to the bike. Additionally - there is always a risk that we can no longer rely on accessing the data directly from the data cable, thus the digital power curve ensures that SHIFT will ALWAYS be a fully functioning device.

Given the above, what happens if Peloton update their software?

SHIFT's software can be updated remotely, thus any updates in software required will be accounted for.

Output accuracy

We are reliant on the underlying bike (we are not altering the power output of your bike, we are merely replicating it), thus we expect a power accuracy of ~10%, which is identical to the accuracy disclosed by Peloton.

How does calibration work?

It is expected that different bikes may have slightly different ranges for min and max resistance. We want to ensure you get the most accurate set-up when using SHIFT. That’s why we have built an easy calibration process. Using SHIFT’s integrated touchscreen, you’ll be able to calibrate against your own bike’s resistance range in 10% increments.

How does resistance change?

As part of the calibration setup, SHIFT is informed of the position of the resistance knob that correlate to a resistance setting of 0% to 100%. In doing this, when SHIFT receives gradient or gearing changes, SHIFT engages the motor to automatically change resistance.

Can I use the Peloton screen for Zwift?

It is possible, but we we will no longer be including this as part of our solution. In our experience, the Peloton screen's Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) has a negative impact on how well Zwift’s graphics render. Since Zwift’s detailed graphics are a huge part of the experience, you will need to use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or AppleTV.

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