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Bringing Zwift to your indoor bike

Unlocking endless training possibilities

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SHIFT Smart Trainer Limited is in no way affiliated with Peloton Cycle or Peloton Interactive.

SHIFT Smart Trainer Limited is in no way affiliated with ZWIFT.


What is SHIFT?

SHIFT is a patented smart device that attaches to your indoor bike, unlocking (1) the world of Zwift and (2) enhanced spinning class workouts, all through automatic resistance changes.

SHIFT is designed to easily fit on the resistance knob of your bike, requiring no modifications to you bike.

Do you love Zwift? SHIFT uses built-in Bluetooth connectivity to automatically adjust your resistance to simulate the grade changes of the route you’re cycling.

Do you love PowerZone classes? With SHIFT, you can bring automatic resistance changes to your PowerZone classes - ensuring you automatically remain in the Zone of your choice.

SHIFT Smart device with touchscreen menu
What is SHIFT?
Why use SHIFT?

Why use SHIFT?

With SHIFT, you receive an enhanced workout experience and no longer have to choose between indoor cycling classes and the virtual worlds of Zwift. You can have both with one simple solution.


Your bike, your setup, your choice.

Currently, the only way to fully enjoy both these platforms is to own both a indoor bike and a smart trainer for your bicycle (and that’s assuming you have a bicycle for this). Apart from the increased cost of having both setups, there is the added problem of the amount of space it would take up in your home.

SHIFT Smart Trainer integrating Zwift and Peloton bike
SHIFT Device going on Peloton bike

Bringing a new training platform to your indoor bike, opens new training possibilities. Indoor bike classes are an excellent way to build your strength and fitness. But with SHIFT, you can take your training ‘to the road'.

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